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Feng Shui is the art and science of creating a harmonious environment based on the understanding that people are connected and affected by their surroundings. Feng Shui seeks to promote good health, prosperity and general well-being by examining how energy (chi) flows through a particular area or space. The intention is to unblock the pathway so the energy may flow freely, inviting good chi, and new opportunity from a clear and balanced place. 

Our mission is to offer you tools to support you in creating a fruitful and empowered life, by enhancing the energy in your space and magnifying your light! During your session, we will evaluate different sections in your home pertaining to 9 main areas in your life including health, wealth, career, romance, reputation, family, children/ creativity, helpful people/ travel, knowledge/ spirituality. We will also review some of the items that you own, its placement, and how it may be influencing you on a subconscious level. Feng Shui may influence and deepen your relationships, including your personal relationship with yourself and your ability to manifest your desires and goals!


Our sessions are a unique combination of Feng Shui practices and principles using the Bagua map with modern perspective and approach. What makes us unique is that we also infuse self-care tools that support you in your process of healing and total transformation. Some of the methods and foundational tools we use in our practice are:

•The 5 elements

•Yin/Yang principles

•Creative and intuitive insight

•Space clearing/ revamping

•Simple practices and rituals to incorporate into your routine

It is our pleasure to work with you personally and offer you tools to help you flourish and grow so that you can live your best life and go with the flow! 

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