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I received a Reiki Facial from Robyn and it completely relaxed my mind, body, and soul. She has a very calming and warm touch and healing presence. If anyone is seeking a healing facial experience, I highly recommend Robyn! She also waxed my brows and absolutely PERFECTED them. They were no longer distant cousins... Robyn is THEE BEST! She’ll definitely be your go-to woman!

—Danielle G., New York, NY

AMAZING!!! As a woman on the go I never really take the time to apply my makeup and it was such a special treat to have Robyn bring her good vibes and off the chart makeup skills for an upcoming photoshoot. She made me feel comfortable with the whole process as she walked me through each part of the makeup session. Her incredible energy made feel relaxed, and her positive attitude gave me the confidence to take on anything. Thank you so much Robyn for making me look and feel beautiful, and for all the love and support! I can’t wait to book with you again! 

—Erica P., New York, NY

5 stars!!!! I've recommended and shared Robyn’s podcast, Everyday Beauty with Robyn Spieler with everyone I know! Every woman interviewed has been so inspiring and uplifting. Robyn truly is a master at asking the most deep and thought provoking questions. She shares her experience while giving the guests space to answer without interruption. After listening, I always move on with my day feeling lighter, peaceful, and more connected. Mark my words, this podcast has the capacity to change the world for the better! 

—Amanda H., Long Island, NY 

Superb! That was my recent experience with Robyn. As Director of Equity, Inclusion & Diversity at the New York chapter of NEWH, we recently premiered our event, the Global Intersection of Culture & Hospitality to celebrate the rich tapestry and creativity of our members and their cultural heritage and I was genuinely moved by the thoughtfulness and care Reiki & Rouge put into capturing the real story and meaning behind our event. Simply put, Robyn gets into the heart of the story and reflects it back to us through her lenses. During an event, there are so many moving parts, and it was amazing to have her go above and beyond to meet our every wish, and more. A big bunchful of thanks to you, Robyn. We will not hesitate to rehire your services, and I'll definitely do so for our upcoming Bunchful events.

—Raquel M., New York, NY 

Robyn is an extraordinary consultant and practitioner of her healing arts! My partner and I really enjoyed the recommendations from our Feng Shui consultation. We felt the energetic imbalances immediately, as Robyn pointed them out, and we're excited to learn how to create more harmony in our lives. She is so easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and practical with her suggestions. Let's not forget that radiant smile and energy that can light up any room! We had such a special experience and would absolutely recommend Robyn's services for any home or business.

—J + M Ravelo, Manhattan, NY

I have had a Feng Shui session with Robyn for my business/wellness studio and a private channeled healing session as well and I have to say, Robyn is one of the most talented energy workers I have come across- and I should know because I have energy workers rent my studio all the time! Robyn customizes each session to exactly your goals and intentions. I know nothing about Feng Shui and Robyn guided me through start to finish and I felt prepared to take positive action afterwards to help uplift the energy of my space. During her channeled healing work, Robyn was able to bring through messages that were so important to me. After both sessions Robyn followed up with me and I felt simply amazing! Try her, you'll love her!

—Damia D., Long Island, NY

As a design industry leader, I am always looking for talented, professional, and mindful consultants that will not only help elevate a brand but truly speak its voice. Robyn Spieler of Reiki & Rouge not only exceeded those expectations on all levels when hired to help with copy writing and creative content for multiple social media platforms, she brought her intuition through powerful research & development, a thoughtful listening ear to our clients, and great energy to the creative pieces. Her fabulous attitude towards life and passion for her work is a bright shining light for any company. I absolutely look forward to collaborating with her again on many more projects.

—Erica P., New York, NY

I signed up for the class, “Activating the Healer Within”. I knew anything Robyn was offering was going to be great for my energy because her energy is always so positive and it revitalizes me just by being in her presence. Over 4 weeks we worked together and focused on things like setting and upholding boundaries, clearing some blockages in my energy centers, showing up for and as my full self, setting intentions for my day through my beauty routine and seeing what I need to do to push myself forward to make the changes I need to make in my life to move to the next level. I worked with her during our sessions and continued to do the work throughout my week, taking what she shared with me and applying it everyday. I see such a difference in my overall well being. I’m lighter. In a better mood most days. And I can truly see my dreams coming into focus like never before. Her main message is usually to be true to myself, speak my truth, and to know myself so I can always show up as myself. I’m so grateful for the experience I shared with Robyn during this class and am very excited to work with her again soon! Thank you from my hearts center to yours Robyn! 

—Antoinette T., Bethpage, NY

My boyfriend and I did our first reiki session with Robyn, and it was truly a positive and wonderful experience! I literally felt the physical pain in my body go away. It’s been several days since our session, and my body pain is still much better! The experience was so mind opening for the both of us, and I could feel us connecting more and more as one. I will definitely be recommending Robyn to the people in my life!

—John G., Maplewood, NJ

Robyn truly is a gifted, beautiful soul! I had never experienced distant Reiki before and didn't know what to expect but I was amazed how our session took me from crisis to calm immediately! She lovingly held space for me and the intuitive guidance she provided was very insightful. I loved her genuine, caring nature so much that I also booked a Feng Shui session. I've already experienced some profound shifts in my life by implementing the changes she suggested! If you are looking for a knowledgeable and genuine healer, Robyn certainly delivers!

—Devyn K., Hackensack, NJ

My Reiki session with Robyn was very informative and relaxing as she explained how Reiki healing would affect me in terms of what I was feeling, and the powerful shift in my mind and spirit it would ultimately make me feel. It was a powerful journey in healing in a short period of time scheduled. I felt a deep connection with spirit during my session, and an incredible release of worries and anxiety I had at the time. I felt calm and centered. Immediately after and into the next week I felt a deep sense of relief and clarity in my thoughts. I found myself opening up more spiritually and connected more with nature which ultimately gave me a strong sense of grounding.

—Nicole E., Lawrenceville, NJ

Robyn is one of the most genuine beings I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her authenticity and compassionate nature make for an incredible healer. I have experienced many of Robyn's great gifts- Reiki, sound healing, and makeup artistry. I took one of her workshops which was both informative and fun. In fact, it was filled with laughter. AND, If you had the honor of seeing Robyn's home like I did, you would understand just how gifted she is in design and Feng Shui. The space is both beautiful and calming. Anyone looking for energy healing, or anyone who is looking to create their own sanctuary, Robyn is your girl! 

—Lauren S., Manhattan, NY 

Hi all!! I just had my first reiki session and intuitive reading with Robyn and my first reiki session in general. I was soooo nervous because I’d never really been introduced to reiki before and I have such bad anxiety around being in control. I have to say the second I closed my eyes and let her take the wheel I was immediately relieved of any anxiety at all and had the most amazing experience. She let me know exactly how I was going to feel and what was going to happen and let me know it was okay to ask questions through the entire process. To anyone looking for a light in their life I urge you to schedule a session she is amazing!

—Becky S., Oceanside, NY 

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