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The art of makeup is a tool that we use in our practice that combines beauty & wellness!

How, you ask? 

​Throughout history, makeup has been used to accentuate our features through color, texture, and product.

As we evolve over time, so does makeup and the sophistication of the tools that we use in our lives that support our daily practice.

We don’t believe in hiding who you are, but highlighting the beauty that already exists within, with simplicity and elegance. THIS is how you make a statement!

​We offer tools that help you radiate from the inside out so you not only look your best, but feel your best too!


This is what we provide and stand by at Reiki & Rouge:

⟣  Makeup application with beauty awareness + empowerment

⟣  Energy enhancement with educational tools + guidance

⟣  Beauty + balance to magnify your confidence

We believe in bringing awareness and self-esteem to areas in your life that support the natural process of aging alongside modern technology, from a holistic and multi-dimensional approach that highlights beauty and empowerment for the mind and body.

Image by Ashley Piszek
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