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Reiki is a form of energy healing used for stress reduction and relaxation, that promotes the body's natural healing process by improving the flow of energy and bringing it back to balance.


Reiki is universal life force energy that works by channeling energy through the practitioners hands, sending healing energy to the areas it is needed the most. It works on all levels of the body - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

You may consider Reiki if you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, emotional, stressed, ungrounded, recovering from an injury or illness, going through a transitional period in your life, preparing for a big event, need a boost of energy, or are simply ready for change!


Responses may include feeling a sense of warmth in your body, tingles, increased vibrations, a sense of calm, peace, relief, clarity, new insight, focus, motivation, restoration and overall


Reiki is considered a natural and alternative treatment that should never replace your regular healthcare practice, but used as a complimentary treatment to support and enhance your healing process.


Each session is custom designed based on your needs. As an intuitive healer, Robyn will help guide and support you in your process of healing and transformation!


Some of the methods and tools we incorporate into our practice are:


•Chakra Balancing

•Guided Meditation

•Sound Healing


•Space Clearing

•Intuitive Feedback +


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