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How do we find clarity when the world is in polarity? First, know there is hope! We are in such a powerful and climatic time – acknowledging and managing our emotions is what keeps us balance and aligned! When you’re feeling off-center and need to stabilize your body. Notice the environment you’re in and do a quick check-in to bring you into harmony.

Here's a simple practice that can support your beauty and wellness:

Step 1: Bring your attention to the present moment, what are you experiencing in your body? Notice any tension that may arise and take a deep breath while you close your eyes.

Step 2: Envision a beautiful bright light that pulses through your soul there’s beauty within, longing to unfold!

Step 3: As you continue to embody this beautiful light, allow the energy within to invoke clarity, comfort, and peace of mind.

Step 4: Take three minutes in your day to practice this heart-centering exercise. All it takes is a simple intention to bring you back to awareness. As we become more in tune with the environment within us, we become more mindful of the things that serve us. Take note throughout your day when you’re feeling vibrant and strong acknowledge these points to maintain a happy equilibrium. Our environment is the key component that plays a role in helping us to feel safe, elevated, and strong. Whether it be internally or externally, we always want to be conscious of our surroundings and the energy that nurtures and supports our well-being.

When something is off, our body will usually be the first to let us know. The wisdom of our intuition assists us in maintaining an organic, healthy flow. When we’re true to our needs and tap into the awareness of our body, miracles happen by restoring the beauty of clarity. What are your favorite self-care rituals to help bring out your inner sparkle?

Take a little time in your day to connect with your heart by practicing awareness and the act of self-love!

Robyn Spieler 7-11-2022

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