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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The architecture of a home can be designed in many ways. How do we bring in the beauty and magic that wants to fill a space?

Incorporating natural materials such as cotton, wood, and organic fibers will most certainly help uplift the vibe. By creating a sustainable lifestyle, you’re already doing the job right!

Healing through the senses (and environmentally friendly resources) is a serious commitment – and when you’re dedicated to mindful living, all it takes is a little precision.

• Step 1: find an area within your home that you’re drawn to. Consider a space or room that you feel connected to.

• Step 2: tune into the energy of the space. What are three simple action steps you can take?

• Step 3: create a simple routine to empower your heart. Use your imagination to spark inspiration and open your mind up.

Our homes reflect the beauty that we embody – and by cultivating the right tools, you’ll create a highly favorable and rewarding reality.

Living a balanced lifestyle does take work. But when you restore the beauty within, your home becomes your heart!

Robyn Spieler 5-13-2022

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