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Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I've never really been a mountain climber, but here we are, in some of the rockiest terrains in our planets history! How do we handle such a devastating time? So much emotion as we navigate through this crisis that has effected nearly every continent on the planet, Covid19.

A pandemic that has touched the lives of many, yet where do we go from here? This challenging question fills me with so much emotion and disbelief. Like many of you, I ponder this question daily, with hope for a brighter day.

For me personally, this has been a time of great reflection and connection. Many days and waves of emotion have streamed over me, and still to this day, I look forward to a brighter day. Hope fills my heart with the fuel to surrender to what can be. An emotional charge that helps me to see beyond what exists around me.

Many of us have prayed for the day where we join together and unite with our fellow man. Why must we reach crisis before we bring forth this type of service, and remember the love and compassion we carry within? We've become so consumed in our daily lives that we've forgotten the importance of lending a helping hand to those less fortunate than you and I.

What a powerful opportunity to look deeper within. A chance to reevaluate the conditions society has placed upon us, and move forward in a way that better serves us!

Here we are navigating through one of the most catastrophic times in history, one day at a time. Each step that we take and decision that we make moving forward will effect each of us uniquely, but if we continue to show up and do the work, we will undoubtedly persevere.

As we say in Feng Shui, the destructive force and ever-changing ways of nature can be a profound opportunity to realign and redirect the flow of energy in a much more useful way. Let this be the powerful spark that our planet needed to reawaken the force within.

Robyn Spieler 5-14-2020

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